Many of our perennials & annuals are grown onsite in one of Jonker's green houses.  Plants that are not grown onsite are sourced locally, within a 20 mile radius, from specialty growers.  This allows us to offer a unique variety of  plants, acclimated to our climate and grown right in our back yard.


Our plants are home-grown or hand-picked from local sources.   They don't spend weeks on trucks within a distribution chain.  By growing onsite and sourcing locally,  we eliminate transport time. For plants not grown onsite we visits local growers throughout Michigan to deliver the "happiest" and healthiest plants to you.   We display our plants outdoors, which produces hardier plants then those displayed indoors.  You can safely and immediately plant these in our yard without protection, unlike plants purchased from the comfort of an enclosed facility.


Whether it's your first time gardening or you've got a green thumb, our plant experts will enlighten you. We can provide basic guidance, tips & tricks for your specific garden conditions.   Our team can identify insects or disease and recommend treatments.  We offer free classes focused on specific gardening topics and paid onsite planning consultations.